Graph Portal

Portal Software Based on Graph Theory

Why Graph?

Graph is the natural abstraction of relationship. Relational database has been adapted to represent relation due to the lack of better technology. Relational database is a synthetic way to represent relationship and makes it extremely hard/impossible to figure out deeper relationship between information beyond a few levels.

Lack of mature graph databases and industry standards were the main reasons hindering the growth of graph-based software products. This limitation is getting addressed by the successes of graph databases like Neo4j and OrientDB.

Use Cases
- Beyond traditional software

Graph Portal solves a multitude of use cases. Web Portal, Web Content Management System, Academic interests in Graph Theory, Wiki, Mind Map, any information of hierarchical nature, Information organizer etc., to name a few..

Advanced Features

Advanced features of Graph Portal includes Visual Editing, Custom Queries, built-in Graph Algorithms, extensible by custom programming, REST API, Complex Relationships, Security

Open Source
- Apache 2.0 Licence

Graph Portal Web Application is distributed as open source and is Free! for any use including commercial use